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White Paper: The Maritime Software Landscape 2019

The maritime industry is on the verge of a digital disruption. Digitalization is increasingly considered one of the key solutions to the many challenges the industry is facing as well as to opening up new business opportunities

Vessel Insight - Powered by Kognifai

The maritime industry is highly diversified and would benefit greatly from a common infrastructure for collecting and transporting data from vessels to the cloud in a standardized manner. Given KONGSBERG’s large footprint in the maritime space, it is natural that the group has taken on the ambition to create a standardized maritime vessel-to-cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure is called Vessel Insight, and is built on the Kognifai platform.

Vessel Insight consists of two main components. The first is an edge PC, or edge box, which is a data aggregator and gateway to Kognifai installed on the vessel. The other is the Kognifai data services with the ability to store and manage data in the cloud through Kognifai.