K-Spice Meter will improve the accuracy and reliability of the overall hydrocarbon accounting system. It is a complete dynamic virtual fow metering system where the oil and gas produced from each well will match the total production measured by a fscal metering system
located downstream.

The uniqueness is to perform online heat and mass balance calculation including component tracking both under steady-state and during transient periods for the plant. It is a supplement to advanced multiphase instruments and can also be an alternative.

K-Spice Meter is a model based virtual fow metering system performing data validation and reconciliation of all relevant sensors in the plant. The main components in the system include a high fdelity dynamic multiphase fow and process simulation model. This model is based on first principle modelling approach including a complete heat and material balance of the fuid. The model is synchronized in real time using control signals from the feld, e.g. when a valve is opened in the feld, the same valve will open in the


• Provides multi-phase flow calculation per well
• Back allocates flow deviation from fiscal metering topsides
• Calibration and monitoring of all feld measurements
• 4 available simulation modes; real time, planning, predictive and retrospective mode
• Detection of gas and water breakthrough in the wells


• Reliable subsea multiphase metering per well based on high fidelity flow assurance model
• Alternative to physical subsea meters which are typically very expensive and unreliable
• Back allocate flow deviations from topsides fiscal metering
• Installation and maintenance of such systems is much simpler than physical meters

Successful and stable flow of oil and gas from the reservoir to the point of sale
Train control room operators in a realistic and safe environment
Dynamic Process Simulation software that enable the user to carry out process, control and safety analysis for the whole plant in a realistic dynamic behavior.
Generic Training Simulator
Real- time Production Optimization and Performance System

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