The K-Spice Operator Training Simulator trains the process operators on how to operate the process in all operational modes in a realistic and safe environment. The dynamic process model is connected to and controlled by an identical copy of the Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) used for the specifc plant. It will familiarize the
operators in how to use the Operator Station interface together with the operational procedures.

The instructor can activate realistic operational scenarios using the K-Spice Exercise Manager Module and assess the operator actions and then evaluate the result of the training. The reports are useful input to the competence mapping of the operational team and it will highlight the improvement areas for future training sessions.

The assessment tool also enables the instructor to quantitatively grade the operators based on their performance in a consistent and objective way. The system can monitor any value or status in the model and give or take away points based on a defned range. It grades the order in which actions are done making it useful for procedure validation. K-Spice Train can also set malfunctions based on time or trigger events defned in the training scenario.

• Realistic training in a safe environment
• Process startup
• Process familiarization
• Emergency response training
• Control system training
• Refresh course

Assessment evaluation tool (Exercise Manager)
• allows the instructor to quantitatively
grade the outcome of the training session
• reward or deduct points based on the
amount of time a value is out of bounds
• trigger events in K-Spice (malfunction,
leak, failure, etc.) and deduct or reward
points based on the type and/or speed of
response from the operator

System platform
• K-Spice®
Dynamic process simulation tool
developed by KONGSBERG

System components
• OPC DA Communication Link:
• Transfer operating commands
from control system to model
and process values from model
to control system
• Exercise Manager:
• Triggering of events and
evaluation of course participants

Dynamic Process Simulation software that enable the user to carry out process, control and safety analysis for the whole plant in a realistic dynamic behavior.
Successful and stable flow of oil and gas from the reservoir to the point of sale
Perform virtual flow metering and production allocation
Generic Training Simulator
Real- time Production Optimization and Performance System

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