The Digital Paint Report is a simplified quality assurance & performance monitoring tool at a very reasonable cost.

Everything from the maintenance plan to coating application to performance surveys can be documented & optimized on a single platform.

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Being a collaborative platform, it promotes accountability from all those involved and provides actionable insights based on reliable data.

  1. Collaborative platform with accountability from other stakeholders
  2. Promotes communciation among those involved
  3. Provides actionable insights based on reliable data
  4. Central database of historic paint related information
  5. System generated summaries & dashboards
  6. Comparison of photos and reports to gauge performance
  7. Comparison of performance across multiple assets
  8. Security & permanent availability of the data
  9. SSPC compliant reports
  10. No hardware installation or download needed
  1. Cloud based solution
  2. Controlled access from any location / device
  3. User friendly
  4. Incorporates HSE & NCR functions
  5. Search and Traceability of all parameters
  6. Secure storage & permanent availability of data

Cloud based solution that helps stakeholders optimize paint performance and reduce maintenance costs. 



SteelCorr DMCC is a Dubai based Paint consultancy start-up founded in 2014; with the aim of supporting Asset integrity. The founder, Leroy Dias is equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, NACE Protective Coating Specialist certification, NACE Sr. Corrosion Technologist certification and a FROSIO Paint Inspector Certification and over 2 decades of experience in the Corrosion & Coating industry. He has previously served as the Membership Chairman and Secretary of the NACE UAE chapter and is the current Vice-Chair of the SSPC UAE section.