KONGSBERG has a long tradition for delivering mission critical solutions. We have our roots in the defence industry, the high-tech industrial environments of the maritime sector and the oil and gas industry.

This tradition complements our culture and mindset where we are committed to the development and delivery of secure and reliable solutions for our customers.


The purpose of the Kognifai platform ecosystem is to make smart data-driven prototypes, apps, solutions, microservices, and APIs to drive transformation in the industry. Whether you are working alone or in a large organization, if you are a developer, designer, or entrepreneur you are welcome to build on Kognifai.

Machine Learning

The industry is quickly adopting the changes and actively using machine learning to solve many problems. In KONGSBERG, we use machine learning in many areas. EmPower, KONGSBERG’s windfarm solution, uses machine learning for both weather forecasting, and thus power forecasting, and condition monitoring.

Autonomy is also making its way into industry. KONGSBERG has numerous fully autonomous subsea vehicles that can track objects such as pipelines and perform challenging underwater tasks.


At KONGSBERG we have chosen to have an open ecosystem to make it easy to add and integrate applications from partners and customers alike – providing even more business value to all parties involved.


Collaboration, sharing and open source. Build on the shoulders of giants, publish your solutions, data or application.


Visualize, analyze, and share multibeam data in real time. Access your data at any time – work from anywhere.
For instant personnel on-board control (POB), allowing immediate and high precision rescue team involvement.
The Performance Monitoring application aims to identify underperforming turbines and thus lost production.