Why Partner with Kognifai?

KONGSBERG offers a variety of applications and are a world leader when it comes to offering services and applications. Utilizing our legacy and domain competence in operational safety solutions, sensors and system integration. We now see massive opportunities in improving performance and optimizing our customers operation utilizing tools from the IT world in OT (Operation Technology) solutions. To be able to find the best use cases of the new tools at hand, create value with new technology and new available data, we want to collaborate. We want to share our technology and we want to invite the best partner with complementary domain knowledge.

What we offer

We offer our partners an opportunity to join a rapidly expanding ecosystem, working with some of the most advanced and disruptive companies in the world, and deliver state of the art services. Wether you need access to technical resources, training, or business consultants, we are committed to work with you to drive successful market outcomes. 

Program benefits

At Kongsberg Digital, we believe that success and growth is best achieved through collaboration among industry and software leaders

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Our partner program is designed to give you easy access to all you need in order to deliver extraordinary value to digital industrial buyers in rapid and cost efficient way. We reward your commitment and contribution by providing you progressively valuable benefits. Contact us today for more information. 

Vessel Insight - Powered by Kognifai

The maritime industry is highly diversified and would benefit greatly from a common infrastructure for collecting and transporting data from vessels to the cloud in a standardized manner. Given KONGSBERG’s large footprint in the maritime space, it is natural that the group has taken on the ambition to create a standardized maritime vessel-to-cloud infrastructure. This infrastructure is called Vessel Insight, and is built on the Kognifai platform.

Vessel Insight consists of two main components. The first is an edge PC, or edge box, which is a data aggregator and gateway to Kognifai installed on the vessel. The other is the Kognifai data services with the ability to store and manage data in the cloud through Kognifai.

Let's partner up!

We are more than happy to answer all your questions about partnership, and can’t wait to see what we can build together.