Digital Twin for Greenfield

A greenfield digital twin is a model of a planned physical installation, rather than a virtual representation of an existing asset. It is a dynamic model that can be used to simulate the behavior of the installation, improve the design, reduce design and engineering, construction, and installation time, and assess operational  procedures, production efficiency, and maintenance friendliness.

Digital Twin for Brownfield

Brownfield use of a digital twin allows the operation and maintenance team to familiarize themselves with an existing installation and try out various solutions before undertaking modifications or repairs.

Equinor Feasibility Study

KONGSBERG’s cross-industry digital twin allows users to explore planned or existing assets in a virtual context, delivering an intimate understanding of operations, behavior, maintenance, costs, performance, and much more. Available on any digital device – from pads to desktops or VR glasses – the twin recreates all the characteristics of real assets in an advanced, data-enriched 3D visualization.

The benefits of the concept can be transformational, as energy major Equinor was keen to assess.