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28 March 2017 by Hege Skryseth
Finally, the day is here, the day we have been looking forward to and working towards since 2014. Kognifai is here.

Allow me to introduce Kognifai. Kognifai has the ability to create change in the industry. 

What is kognifai™?

Usually, I would introduce kognifai™ by saying it is an open, innovation-driven platform that will accelerate digitalization within KONGSBERG and simplify the business transformation journey for our customers. And that is definitely true. However, I think Kognifai is much more than this short, rather technical description allows for. And even though it is an accurate and truthful description, you may be asking yourself what it actually means. Even I sometimes find it hard to wrap my head around the world of possibilities Kognifai creates.

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Let me explain: A digital platform is often compared to a smartphone which you can adapt to your specific requirements by downloading the apps that fit your needs. However, Kognifai opens for more possibilities than merely offering a range of apps.

I see it more like a combined workshop and digital marketplace: It already contains a large variety of applications from a range of companies, which users can access and subscribe to as they see fit, but developers from large and small companies can – and do – use it to develop and collaborate on new applications. Moreover, all applications on the platform are integrated in a way that allows users to collect, store, combine, analyze and apply the data they generate.

Yes, Kognifai can change the industry

It is a big claim and may sound like wishful thinking, but I believe it to be true. For one thing, Kognifai makes data from even the most advanced control and monitoring technologies both understandable and actionable allowing users to make the most of it.

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To give you an idea of the possibilities, consider port congestion, which has been a common problem for years. Now, a user can collect and upload route information to large, sea-going vessels and simultaneously share the same data with portal authorities to help prevent congestion. Likewise, Kognifai can use data from different applications to keep an offshore windfarm at maximum operational capacity by planning the routes for support vessels based on servicing needs. And in the future, we will be able to remove the need for human interaction by letting a route planning application deliver routes directly to autonomous service vessels. The possibilities are endless.

Looking back – and forward

It all started as a vision back in 2014, a vision of a common digital platform that would help both KONGSBERG's customers and KONGSBERG drive business forward. Since then, experts from different business units within KONGSBERG have put in long hours, merging technology, knowledge, and efforts to create Kognifai. I think they all agree that the result has proven to be worth the countless long days and nights that have gone into its making, every (often heated) discussion – and even all the cold pizza.

The big question, of course, is where we will go from here. We have big plans, and they still include helping every business to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the digitalization of industry, the internet of things, automation, and robotics. Together we will expand the boundaries of the industry. Because Kognifai changes everything.


P.S.: One of the few rules for our blog is this: “Talk about products and solutions in general, and do not mention our own products specifically”. This rule is in place to ensure that our blog is of interest and value not just to our customers and partners, but to every one within the industry. However, like me, and everyone else at Kongsberg Digital, our editor also strongly believes that sharing and collaboration is a must if we want to keep driving innovation forward. And sharing and collaboration is at the heart of Kognifai. So, I am posting this with our editor’s blessing, to allow as many people as possible to consider what an ecosystem such as this could mean for the future of our industries. I for one truly believe that Kognifai will make a difference.
About the writer
Hege Skryseth
Hege Skryseth has worked for KONGSBERG since August 2013 holding various management positions within the Group’s corporate team. She has been the President of Kongsberg Digital, and Chief Digital Officer of KONGSBERG since March 2016. Skryseth also holds broad experience from several leading international technology companies and has been a board member for various organizations including her most current participation with eSmart Systems.