How to improve the rate of digitalization in the maritime sector

05 September 2018 by Vigleik Takle
Today, most managers will agree that the advantages and opportunities offered by digitalizing are of such significance that not digitalizing is out of the question. Yet, in the maritime sector, only a few early adopters have started the journey of digital transformation. Why is that – and what can we do to improve the rate of digitalization?

How to increase production efficiency for brownfield projects

23 August 2018 by Roar Nilsen
The benefits from using digital twins for brownfields are likely greater than you realize.

How does Kongsberg Digital help customers comply with the GDPR?

04 July 2018 by Kurt Swakhoven
On May 25, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect. What measures have we at Kongsberg Digital taken to help our customers achieve GDPR compliance?

How (not) to use machine learning for time-series forecasting: Avoid the pitfalls

13 June 2018 by Vegard Flovik
How you can evaluate the accuracy of your machine learning model for time-series forecasting? And why can relying simply on common error metrics such as mean percentage error and R2 score be very misleading? Read on to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Customer 5.0 in the digital era

07 June 2018 by Marvin Mitchell
Putting clients first is a matter close to the heart with many vendors. Despite this, some vendors have recently been guilty of neglecting the tools they use to attract clients.

How to keep fisheries sustainable - and safe

31 May 2018 by Tone-Merete Hansen
There is much talk of sustainability these days, and with good reason. We are at a point in history where we have a chance to turn a negative trend around, to stop depleting and damaging the resources of our planet, and start protecting and preserving them.

What is the best solution for digitalizing in the drilling and wells sector?

23 March 2018 by Gilbert Haydamous
Performance improvement solutions that minimize non-productive time and invisible lost time maximize the benefits and value of on- and offshore operations.

Could your business benefit from using digital twins and digital threads?

30 January 2018 by Hege Skryseth
When thick fog engulfs Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, the pilots are not handling the landing of the aircrafts. The autopilots are. Why don't more industries use similar technologies to automate processes?

How do you protect your business against security breaches?

19 February 2018 by Hege Skryseth
Today, digitalization is an important part of most business strategies, and established companies in virtually all industries know they must be prepared for disruption. Many are eager to realize quick benefits. Most businesses choose new and innovative cloud services. But are they paying enough attention to security?

What values can a digital platform provide to your business?

18 December 2017 by Hege Skryseth
Over the last ten years, the use of platforms has led to major changes in consumer-oriented industries. Now, the platform economy is taking hold in industries targeting businesses.
Artificial intelligence

How do you combine machine learning and physics-based modeling?

14 December 2017 by Vegard Flovik
Did you know that you can combine machine learning and physics-based modeling to implement virtual sensors in a production facility? Here, I will describe how it can be done.

What is the best way to store energy?

04 December 2017 by Kristian Holm
Soon, many of us will have solar panels or a windmill in our back yard. What will be the best way to store surplus energy from these? Could my dream be the solution everyone will be looking for in a few years?

How do you make maritime training accessible to all?

28 November 2017 by Tone-Merete Hansen
In an industry faced with disruption and challenges, many companies choose to lower costs by cutting down on training. How do we turn the tide?

How drones will make the industry more efficient

15 November 2017 by Hege Skryseth
– and provide a safer and more environmentally-friendly future

The key to a successful business transformation is good leadership

10 November 2017 by Hege Skryseth
Four elements are essential if you want your business to succeed with a digital transformation.

Machine learning for production optimization

07 November 2017 by Vegard Flovik
Fully autonomous production facilities will be here in a not-too-distant future. But even today, machine learning can make a great difference to production optimization.

The energy system of the future

19 September 2017 by Kristian Holm
In early March this year, a particularly interesting piece of news broke. Few paid any attention to it, and frankly, most probably didn’t care. But for an old wind enthusiast such as myself, it was fantastic news: The Finnish energy company ST1 had teamed up with Norwegian investors to invest 8 billion NOK in two wind farms in Finnmark in northern Norway, with no subsidies. To me, this was the first clear sign that the renewables industry was finally maturing.
Artificial intelligence

How do AI and ML fit together?

06 September 2017 by Michael Link
At the DigitalBar in Oslo, I recently talked about how artificial intelligence and machine learning bricks fit together, and how we use these new technologies at Kongsberg. Many had come to hear me speak, but for those who missed my talk, I’ve decided to share the recording of the event here:

3 steps for a corporation to survive in an age of disruption

27 June 2017 by Matt Duke
How does a large corporation best address the challenge of being disrupted? Do they even need to? Find out as VP Digital Platform Matt Duke looks into these questions.
Artificial intelligence

Get started with data and analytics

13 June 2017 by Michael Link
Getting started in the world of data and analytics can seem more complicated than it is. In this blog post, I will describe how you can get your data projects started on the right track.

What human aspects do we have to consider to create a secure industrial internet?

06 June 2017 by Jostein Jensen
The new industrial internet (Industry 4.0) is connecting closed, safety-critical systems to open, cloud-based internet platforms. What human aspects do we need to work with to improve our overall cybersecurity resilience?

What is a digital platform?

26 May 2017 by Christian Møller
Many find the concept of a digital platform hard to grasp. Is it a product you buy? Does it have any real value to customers? And what features should you look for? Let’s take a look at the basics.

Who will survive in the world of big data?

09 May 2017 by Marvin Mitchell
When we look at the current digital transformation that is sweeping companies, it is truly a transformation in every sense of the word. One area that is constantly on the lips of C-Suite executives is that of Big Data. So, what is it, and how do you use it to your advantage?

How to combat security risks emerging with the new industrial revolution

24 April 2017 by Jostein Jensen
At the core of industrial digitalization we find good utilization of data. And good utilization of data is paving the way for the next industrial revolution.

Digitalisation and the future role of the seafarer

10 April 2017 by Matt Duke
As featured in the article published by Knect365, our VP Digital Platform, Matt Duke, provides his views on how digitalization effects the role of the seafarer:

Meet Kognifai

28 March 2017 by Hege Skryseth
Finally, the day is here, the day we have been looking forward to and working towards since 2014. Kognifai is here.
Artificial intelligence

AI: How do we create truly intelligent systems?

28 March 2017 by Christian Møller
As we move to ever more intelligent and complex systems, computers need to figure out by themselves the value of the data they have collected. This in turn enables them to make good decisions.