At Kongsberg Digital we have chosen for an open digital ecosystem that makes it possible to create applications, share data and integrate with partners and customers alike. Kognifai provides the technology, tools and infrastructure for a digital ecosystem for data driven value creation.


The digital age is upon us, and digitalization holds vast potential for increased efficiency, safety and added value. Most companies already rely on digital technology or have started digitalizing their business.

New technology is a key element of the digital transformation and the first step towards new business models and innovations which will foster new revenue possibilities. 

Digital transformation is a change and requires efforts by business. This journey can however be shortened and simplified through collaboration with industrial software partners like Kongsberg Digital.

Kognifai is made for use on an industrial scale and helps our clients and partners to demonstrate the value of their data faster, at lower costs while maintaining full control and ownership of the data, regardless whether they use KONGSERG solutions or not.

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