How your history
becomes your future

How your data history becomes the future

With Kognifai Connect installed on your vessel it collects, coordinates and analyzes your existing operations continuously - providing valuable data for next generation optimal design and predictive performance behavior analysis.

Kognifai - one open ecosystem

Kognifai is an
open digital ecosystem

Marine robotics and digital platforms will be tightly connected

This is an open ecosystem
that supports open standards

Strategic partnership with Simwave

Simwave, has chosen KONGSBERG
as its sole simulation technology supplier

VesselMan collaborates on Kognifai

VesselMan is the perfect match
for both our ecosystem and Kognifai

Innovative technology solution - Kognifai

This is our digital platform, kognifai

Helps to focus on customer benefits

Kognifai -
help to focus on customer benefits

CEO comments on Kognifai

Collaboration is key for the new ecosystem
by KONGSBERG states Geir Håøy

Collaboration is key to drive business

Collaboration is key

Digitalization results in greener production

NTE and KONGSBERG joins forces

Establishes a strong Norwegian alliance

KONGSBERG enters into alliance with eSmart

Kongsberg Digital launched

Center of digital expertise