Nautisk Forlag is bringing 122 years of maritime experience to a new partnership with Kongsberg Digital.

With state-of-the-art voyage planning and a complete digital publication library, Nautisk Forlag provides the Kognifai ecosystem with world-class digital navigation solutions.

Vigleik Takle, Vice President and Commercial Manager at Kongsberg Digital said: “Nautisk Forlag’s applications for voyage planning and digital publications is a great addition to the Kognifai ecosystem. They solve some of the key needs we see in the market, and we are thrilled to offer our customers world-leading solutions within these application areas.”

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“We see a great upside by partnering up with Kongsberg and joining the Kognifai community to make Nautisk Forlag’s solutions part of this ecosystem. What Kongsberg is doing with its Kognifai platform is exciting for the entire industry and we strongly believe that utilizing big data will be if increasing importancy for the shipping industry going forward,” said Espen Martinsen, Commercial Director at Nautisk Forlag.

About Nautisk Forlag

Today Nautisk Forlag is one of the world’s leading agents, serving ship owners and operators from Europe and the US to Singapore and China. Their global network allows them to work with strategic local markets, offering cost effective solutions and timely delivery direct to ships no matter where in the world they are. Nautisk Forlag is an official distributor for the worldwide hydrographic offices of the UK, the US, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark and holds extensive stocks of charts and publications in both paper and electronic formats.

About Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil and gas, and renewables and utilities. The company consists of more than 500 software experts with leading competence within the internet of things, smart data, artificial intelligence, maritime simulation, automation and autonomous operations. Kongsberg Digital is one of three business areas of KONGSBERG, an international, knowledge-based group delivering high technology systems and solutions to clients within the oil and gas industry, merchant marine, defense, and aerospace.