Shipping 4.0 – Maritime digitalization made easy

What is the best and easiest way to digitalize your ship management operations? Try implementing standard collaboration processes and smart apps to cut costs and become more automated and transparent

Technical management has been unchanged for 20 years

Office-based management of technical operations and projects for ships relies upon manual operations, Word, complex Excel spreadsheets, and time-consuming email collaboration, tracking, and reporting. As a result, most operations are people dependent, fragile, and unpredictable, leading to unplanned off hire and costly additional work. No wonder it is hard to achieve transparency.

It has been this way for more than twenty years.

It is time we digitalize costly operations and cut costs

As a ship manager, you can benefit from VesselMan’s cloud-based management system on KONGSBERG’s digital platform, Kognifai. The system helps you digitalize technical operations and projects and includes out-of-the-box standard processes and smart apps to keep track of your work and share information with your partners, customers, and stakeholders.

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VesselMan and Kognifai will help you reduce costs and risks by ensuring a systematic process for management of needed repairs, based on smart data from the vessels. Since VesselMan is fully integrated in Kognifai, you draw full advantage of the internet of things and sensor-based data in intelligent maintenance apps and projects.

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Examples of projects that VesselMan and Kognifai make easier to manage:

  • Dry-docking: With a price tag of 2 to 5 million USD, dry-docking constitutes almost 25 % of the overall costs for ship management, and additional modification projects will be required during the lifetime of a vessel. VesselMan’s management tools will facilitate this and open for preventive and condition-based maintenance.
  • Costly technical projects: VesselMan’s management system will facilitate the management of new regulations like the global sulphur cap of 0.5 % for shipping emissions by 2020, the ISM Code, and the ratification of the Ballast Water Management Convention.
  • Intelligent maintenance of unmanned ships: VesselMan’s management system provides new processes and IT solutions needed to manage this new area utilizing the internet of things and big smart data.

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Vesselman and Kognifai

A strategic partnership between VesselMan and Kongsberg Digital has opened up new opportunities for digital management of vessel operations

VesselMan's management system is an integral part of Kognifai, KONGSBERG's digital ecosystem, and makes it easy to:

  • launch industry best practice processes for technical management
  • re-use best practice specifications
  • serve management dashboards