K-Sim eLearning Solutions

Today’s knowledge society requires flexible learning environments which can adapt to rapidly changing training objectives and peoples preferences for the way to interact and get information. Through the open digital platform kognifai, Kongsberg Digital will enable easy and cost-efficient access to simulation exercises regardless of where and when the education or training takes place.
It’s a known fact that training improves business performance, profit and the attitude of staff. KONGSBERG has for 50 years developed and provided market leading simulators offering realistic and advanced training, promoting skills and safety at sea. In cooperation with our clients, we are constantly adapting to changing training needs.

Recently, we have started a project developing K-Sim eLearning solutions, which will be available online through the open ecosystem, kognifai. This sophisticated simulator solutions will enable students, maritime training institutes and ship owners to get online cloud-based access to simulation exercises as a time- and cost-efficient supplement to classroom training.

Benefits for students:

  • Self-study at their own pace and with the possibility to practice repeatedly until they fully understand the scenario.
  • Flexibility to practice anywhere and anytime both within or outside regular school hours
  • Training in a realistically simulated environment which makes learning more engaging
  • Guidance and automatic feedback through an eCoach system as if an instructor was present
  • Ability to test the level of knowledge through assessment of performance

Benefits for education and training centers:

  • Saving time through getting access to pre-made cloud-based course wear
  • Saving money on PC equipment, since students don’t necessarily need access to classroom PCs at a given time of the day
  • A cost-efficient method for teaching basic skills before moving on to a higher level of training
  • Easy to make new exercises available online as additional training needs arise
  • Offer a flexible add-on service to their students, who can practice and build competence outside school-hours
  • Record, monitor and assess student performance and progress

Benefits for ship owners and manning companies

  • Refresh, maintain and monitor crew competence
  • Reduce traditional onboard training requiring access to vessel and equipment
  • Provide cloud-based onboard training for training when time allows, or required e.g. before an demanding operation
  • Save money as course participants don’t need to travel to a training facility
  • Build competence for promoting to new positions within the company
  • Train and prepare crew for special tasks prior to demanding operations
  • Examine candidates before hiring new employees


As an open ecosystem, kognifai, opens up a world of new possibilities within maritime training. It enables Kongsberg Digital to take simulation to the next level by simplifying and optimising training through integrated digital solutions.

In addition to easy access to advanced simulator technology, education and training centres and other partners will get the possibility to connect, develop and perform business through kognifai. The training institutes will for example, be given the opportunity to both upload and store exercises as well as share and provide course packages, not only to their own students, but also to other training centres and partners for business purposes.

Kongsberg Digital’s ambition is to help clients to educate and train seafarers and to acquire and share knowledge promoting safety, cost-efficiency and innovation by providing advanced simulation solutions and services. Through digital technology, we’ll continue to drive innovation, improving products and services for the maritime training industry. Kognifai will simplify and optimize education and training as well as open up for new business opportunities. It enables the maritime training industry to accelerate its digital transformation.