Imagine a one-stop-shop platform for businesses to empower their digital transformation. A single location where companies can deliver apps and services to a captive audience of high-quality customers looking for powerful business benefits. Built on proven software, driven by innovation, open to all – welcome to Kognifai and the Kognifai Partner Program.

“Think of the benefits you enjoy from the apps on your mobile phone,” says Jan-Sigurd Sørensen, Strategic Advisor, Kongsberg Digital. “By accessing and utilizing your data, they can help you manage your time, optimize your workload, improve your health, or choose services that save you money and ultimately improve your quality of life. Apple and Google have created an environment where users can enhance their everyday experiences while independent developers create and market apps for waiting customers.

“Everybody wins!” he says with a smile, before explaining: “And this is what we are creating with Kognifai: a digital platform for industry, whereby businesses pick and choose the right apps, products, and services for their needs – and we will take care of operations, security, backbone components, and all the rest.

“It’s an incredible opportunity, and a unique new business gateway, just waiting to be accessed. We want to give our partners the key.”

We want to give our partners the key

Jan-Sigurd Sørensen, Strategic Advisor, Kongsberg Digital

Platform potential

Before we get carried away, let’s rewind a little. What is Kognifai? Sørensen describes it as an open and collaborative digital ecosystem, one that enables integration between the worlds of information technology and operational technology. 

In more simplistic terms, it’s a platform, built for collecting and working with big data. Data can be fed in from any source, time, or location – from sensors on existing KONGSBERG technology, from market updates, from office administration systems around the world, from historical weather reports, or energy consumption rates … from anything – and is securely stored in the cloud. From here it can be collated, compared, analyzed, and mined for immense value, empowering better business decision making, cost savings, time efficiencies, performance improvement and much more.

At Nautisk, we believe that the Kognifai platform can satisfy a significant amount of the future requirements of the shipping industry. One factor is that the nature of Kognifai and its ecosystem will allow the client to customize their bridge solution to what is best suited for their individual needs and requirements. Furthermore, as it is difficult to excel in every area, we believe that the customer’s needs will be much better met by how the Kognifai platform allows for more of a bespoke solution compared to a generic, one-size-fits-all solution from the vendor.

That said, the most valuable part of Kognifai lies within the endless opportunities to optimize vessel performance by combining data sharing between all these different platforms and applications. Here, we believe Kognifai and the utilization of big data will help the shipping industry meet the requirements of the future and improve margins while reducing emissions etc.

– Espen Martinsen, Commercial Director, Nautisk

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As an example, think of switching to predictive maintenance rather than time-based. If you had the data to actually know when assets needed attention rather than simply scheduling maintenance every year (for example) safety, productivity, efficiency and cost control could be optimized, improving overall business performance.

This is what advanced data analytics empowers, and Kognifai is the platform that enables it.

Accessing opportunity

“We specialize in obtaining data from assets,” Sørensen notes. “If you think of our maritime activity, we have technology installed on around 30,000 vessels in the world fleet. All those products, systems, and services produce a wealth of data we can harvest, creating huge potential for generating added value and reduced costs. However, we have to be realistic – we don’t have a monopoly on ideas and innovation.”

He explains that this is where partners come in. To maximize the value of the data, KONGSBERG is seeking to create a community of expert developers and service providers, in the same way Apple does in its App Store. This will drive innovation and help existing customers meet challenges and business objectives in new ways, while the partners gain access to KONGSBERG’s huge customer base and create an invaluable marketing channel for their own companies. In return, KONGSBERG builds a platform that helps strengthen its own business and attract further revenues and customers.

“Once again,” Sørensen stresses, “everybody wins.”

Fast track growth

The team at Kongsberg Digital sees a scenario whereby the platform grows rapidly to provide customers with a range of solutions to meet their demands. For example, there may be several maintenance or fuel optimization tools that companies can cherry-pick, potentially trying out numerous apps or products on a subscription basis to ensure they get the solution best tailored to their needs. Unlike consumer platforms where tens, or hundreds, of thousands of apps may be available, Kognifai will have a smaller number, highly specialized in delivering business value for customers.

We’re proud to be part of the Kognifai Partner Program. It gives us the opportunity to engage with a large number of industry front-runners looking to harness the benefits of digitalization. The ambition to provide a one-stop shop for digital transformation is fascinating. It makes it possible for everyone to conveniently capture business benefits from optimized operational efficiency or improved business continuity. With our secure, dedicated connectivity service and Kognifai’s digital ecosystem, customers have a ready package to quickly start utilizing the outcome of digitalization.

– Toni Linden, CEO of KNL Networks

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Sørensen is confident that partners will be quick to see the benefits.

“It’s an initiative that allows everyone to play to their strengths,” he comments. “ISVs, system integrators, technology and service providers, OEMs, and resellers can focus on their core competencies – creating and delivering innovative solutions – while we continue developing, hosting, and refining a big data platform they can use to push those products to a captive audience hungry for business improvement. This means small companies can be nimble, drive innovation, and bring ideas to market quickly. 

“The fact they’re partnering with KONGSBERG also gives them a ‘stamp of approval,’ ensuring that those small businesses have a big market reputation behind them. That definitely helps open doors to development.”

Building benefits

As with the consumer platforms mentioned above, KONGSBERG won’t be trying to force partners into an exclusive arrangement with Kognifai. Sørensen says they are of course free to market their solutions on whichever platforms they see fit, while adding that the quality of Kognifai, its customers, and the partnerships hopefully will make it the preferred platform.

“We’re not interested in tying people down, but rather in growing an ecosystem that is a fertile breeding ground for creativity, innovation, and solutions that deliver powerful benefits. This is pure collaboration – empowering people, both our customers and partners, to extract maximum value from data and achieve their business potential. It’s a tremendously exciting project.”

Open for business

The Kognifai Partner Program is launching now. An initial intake of partners has already been made, all of whom are keen to access opportunity with KONGSBERG’s global array of customers, particularly in the fields of maritime and energy. The program is designed to select quality over quantity, with a desire to ensure customers get optimal solutions for their current and future needs. And the partners can be sure of the support, training, and resources they need to bring the best products into this unique marketplace.

“The only partnerships that work are those that create true value for both parties,” Sørensen concludes. “With the Kognifai Partner Program the benefits for everyone are crystal clear, so we’re confident of building a thriving collaborative community to assist our customers with their digital transformation. 

“The industrial app store is now open for business.”

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