K-Sim VR Solutions

Leading the way in innovative training systems, Kongsberg Digital is providing sophisticated Virtual Reality (VR) solutions for enhanced training experiences.

From research and development to planning and operation, products, processes, and training are increasingly taking shape in the virtual world, much thanks to the growing power of simulation technologies. KONGSBERG’s continuous focus on simulator development and use of new advanced technology enables more accuracy and realism in maritime training. We continue to lead the way with new training solutions within a virtual, yet very realistic environment.

Innovative training solutions

Leading the way in innovative training systems, Kongsberg Digital is providing sophisticated virtual reality (VR) solutions for enhanced training experiences. Our K-Sim Engine VR solution enables engineer students to navigate through the engine room with detailed subsystems such as the boiler, compressors, pumps, pipes, and coolers used on board. Students can operate the equipment from within a virtual environment, which creates engagement and promotes learning. Several engine models are available, and the VR solution can be delivered for classroom training as well as for full mission simulation, where students use an X-box controller or VR 3D goggles to navigate around.

Familiarization benefits

People are much more likely to remember actions they have performed themselves than those taught in conventional classrooms or shown in videos. Kongsberg Digital’s 3D and VR solution enables engineer students to familiarize themselves with their future work environment long before they set foot in a real-life engine room. Marine engineering personnel is, for instance, able to begin engine room training while a vessel is still under construction. This reduces the time needed to prepare the crew for their tasks and helps put the vessel into service immediately after its launch.

Future VR solutions

Kongsberg Digital is also in the process of developing and testing new disruptive VR solutions for its K-Sim Navigation and K-Sim Offshore simulators for training of navigators and deck officers. A new R&D project recently granted by the Research Council of Norway will ensure further development of innovative simulators and methodology with the use of mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and augmented virtual reality. The R&D project will add further advancements to fully take advantage of the technology’s powerful interactive learning potential.

In addition to training, VR can be used to test equipment and products in a virtual environment before they are made. This will save time and money while simultaneously increasing quality and flexibility. Kongsberg Digital is ideally positioned to lead the way developing highly cutting-edge VR systems, and in the future, it will be possible to offer flexible, inexpensive, and mobile training simulators to enhance the pe rformance of maritime operators substantially and thus contribute to a safer and more efficient maritime industry.


VR training has many benefits including:

  • Familiarization of environment, systems and equipment
  • Exploration of virtual scenarios as experience for real world scenarios
  • Visualization of complex concepts and theories
  • Building skills on how to handle risky or dangerous situations within a controlled environment
  • Highly visual approach, which gives increased stimulation for learning
  • Generates interaction and engagement, which promotes learning
  • Peer review, feedback and ongoing assessment
  • Cost-effectiveness