Cybersecurity - mission critical

Confidential data is the lifeblood of any company, and protecting it from compromise is mission critical

 In Kognifai, we deliver end-to-end security for all your data, from all your connected devices – from anywhere in the world.

• We ensure that your data is encrypted through all steps on the digital road from vessel to the cloud and vice versa. Good communication security is important to mitigate threats from a «man in the middle» trying to steal or modify your information.

• Data at rest is protected and isolated through advanced mechanisms powered by well-proven cloud technologies.

• We have built a federated identity and access management solution based on state-of-the-art cloud technologies to make sure only authorized users and devices can access, modify, and delete data. Our solution supports multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, and single sign-on to ensure a seamless but secure user experience.

KONGSBERG has strong traditions for delivering secure and reliable products and systems. With long traditions and roots in the defense industry and high-tech industrial environments within the maritime, and the oil and gas sector, our employees are highly aware of existing cyber threats. This mentality forms the way we work and motivates our employees to build secure and robust solutions for our customers. The human factor is essential in our security program.

KONGSBERG takes pride in delivering high-quality technology to demanding customers. The use of world-class technology has been paramount for us to reach our current market position. Thus, we also take pride in delivering a digital platform and a digital ecosystem where security is built into every part of the technology to make it robust and resistant towards the latest cybersecurity threats – all the way from the industrial control systems through an encrypted Global Secure Network, to the highly innovative security-hardened cloud-enabled software.

We also work efficiently with security to make sure our development practices and business processes are aligned with strict security goals.

• We base our security management system on the golden standard for information security management systems, ISO 27001.

• Security and privacy requirements are included in the contractual agreements between actors in our digital ecosystem to build a foundation of trust. KONGSBERG is committed to upholding the requirements of our contracts, and as our customer, you own your data .

• KONGSBERG uses well-defined software development processes and plugs in recognized security activities into the process. Through a secure software development lifecycle, we seek to build security into all of our software and services.

• KONGSBERG uses risk management actively to monitor and reduce risks to acceptable levels. We feed the constantly changing threat landscape and our customers' security concerns into our risk processes. To us, it is important to balance delivery of customer value through innovative services with protection of our most valuable assets.

Cybersecurity is mission critical and has the highest strategic attention in KONGSBERG.