Artificial Intelligence

KONGSBERG actively uses AI in many areas. Learn more

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are flooding tech news and social media, and the interest from the tech sector and the general population is huge. The latest developments in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence are truly astounding: Deep learning has proven that computers can solve problems we considered extremely challenging just a few years ago. Autonomous cars are no longer a question of if but of when. It is safe to say autonomous cars will revolutionize and disrupt how we live our lives.

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The industry is quickly adopting the changes and actively using machine learning to solve many problems. In KONGSBERG, we use machine learning in many areas. EmPower, KONGSBERG’s windfarm solution, uses machine learning for both weather forecasting, and thus power forecasting, and condition monitoring.

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KONGSBERG’s strategic partner eSmart Systems is also taking advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence. They use drones, deep learning, and artificial intelligence to revolutionize power line inspections – a costly and hazardous process.

Autonomy is also making its way into industry. KONGSBERG has numerous fully autonomous subsea vehicles that can track objects such as pipelines and perform challenging underwater tasks. (Watch video below)

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 These are just some examples of areas where KONGSBERG is working in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. kognifai digital platform will greatly improve data availability, allowing for substantially more complex systems. With experts within the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence coupled with strong domain knowledge, KONGSBERG is at the forefront of revolutionizing industry.