One open Ecosystem

At KONGSBERG we have chosen to have an open ecosystem to make it easy to add and integrate applications from partners and customers alike – providing even more business value to all parties involved.

From digitalization to ecosystems

The digital age is upon us. Most companies already rely heavily on digital technology or have at the very least started digitalizing their business. This digital transformation is the first necessary step towards a new business model based on digitalization and innovation which will foster new revenue possibilities.

A digital ecosystem is such a business model. It requires a vast amount of interconnected technology resources in a highly dynamic environment, but digitalization makes it quicker and easier to implement than ever before.

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kognifai™ drives digital growth

KONGSBERG’s open ecosystem is organized in an innovation framework to create business value to our customers and partners alike, allowing them to excel at what they do best. This is our digital platform, kognifai™.

kognifai™ is a standardized digital platform which all parties share for mutually beneficial purposes such as:

  • commercial gains from customer-oriented business models
  • deep innovation sharing
  • go-to-market strategies

With kognifai™ they can leapfrog cost curves and up-front investments while establishing a minimum viable cost structure for taking an innovation to market.

kognifai™ will exemplify a sharing economy to drive joint innovation journeys across KONGSBERG and a wider network of partners and customers.

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